Toros is proud to offer a full range development program focused on improvement of technical skills and tactical awareness. 
Beginner and recreational levels for boys and girls all the way up to college and pro prep classes. Led by professional players and coaches, Toros prides itself on teaching in the form of "small sided" techniques and games.

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Who we are: Professional players and coaches who are enthusiastic about teaching the next generation what it takes to reach their best level
What we offer: A full range soccer development program. Beginner recreational classes for the early ages, all the way to the aspiring college and pro athletes.
Why are we different: Professional players and coaches who are current with the modern game lead the way in our technical development. We use small sided technical and tactical concepts to better understand the real game. The same games the professionals use in their training are brought to our players!

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Early Development

5-8 Years

Young competitive athletes developing the basic fundamentals of the game. The goal: discovering their passion for the game!

Tuesdays/Thursdays 5-6pm


After School

Recreational Sessions

5-11 Years

A fun session for elementary aged kids that focuses on soccer based exercises and fun games. 


Pre Elite


9-12 Years

Competitive athletes playing small sided with their clubs. Focusing on technical principles within a small sided game.

Tuesdays/Thursdays 6-7pm




13-18 Years

Competitive athletes playing 11v11 with their clubs. A college and pro prep program focusing on the technical/tactical ideas taught by small sided environment.

Tuesdays/Thursdays 6-7